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Are Maple Wood Cutting Boards Safe?

John Boos  the leader in wood cutting boards and butcher block tops just released a study from Dr. Ulrike Kleiner that found that YES they are safer than plastic cutting boards.


I am always looking for the most natural and least wasteful products available that will function in the way I need them to function for a long time.  Think your grandmothers cast iron frying pan or dutch oven.   So this study was great news!  I love my wood cutting boards but have opted to use plastic in the past because of bacteria growth.


I am excited to say that my John Boos cutting board will now be getting a real work-out!


Interested in getting your own Boos Block cutting board contact us!


For those of you who like the technical stuff that makes my eyes glaze over after the first few paragraphs here are the links to the studies.

Spring Cleaning for Your Beautiful Cabinetry

We receive several calls or emails every year this time asking how to clean cabinetry.  Our response is simple and applies to all wood and veneered products:


*  To Remove oil, grease or general soil use a clean cotton/non abrasive cloth dampened with a fresh solution of mild dishwashing detergent (Dawn or the like) and water. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.


The DON’Ts with your cabinetry is a longer list which we always remind our clients this time of year, too.


* Wipe spills immediately. Prolonged exposure to spills from food, water, or other liquids can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinet’s finish.


* Avoid using harsh detergents, strong soap, abrasive cleaners
or self-polishing waxes. All of these items can damage the factory-applied protective finish.


* Immediately dry surfaces where water may have spilled using a clean cloth.


* Never hang damp towels over cabinetry to dry. Excessive moisture will cause the wood to expand and damage the finish.


Please email us with any other specific questions concerning the care and maintenance of your cabinetry.  We’ll do our best to help.