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Check out Plain & Fancy’s new website!!   



One of the most exciting features is their Idea Board tool.


P&F idea board


Now you can save all your favorite photos, doors and finishes to your P&F Idea Board. When you create an Idea Board, it will be sent to your email which will include a link. Using this link, you can access the Board from anywhere. And be able to share it with US and friends & family.



You can create your own color!!  Can’t find just the right shade make your own!!


P&F color


Check it out!  We’d love to hear what you think or even better send us your Idea Board.  Happy mixing!


Spring Cleaning for Your Beautiful Cabinetry

We receive several calls or emails every year this time asking how to clean cabinetry.  Our response is simple and applies to all wood and veneered products:


*  To Remove oil, grease or general soil use a clean cotton/non abrasive cloth dampened with a fresh solution of mild dishwashing detergent (Dawn or the like) and water. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.


The DON’Ts with your cabinetry is a longer list which we always remind our clients this time of year, too.


* Wipe spills immediately. Prolonged exposure to spills from food, water, or other liquids can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinet’s finish.


* Avoid using harsh detergents, strong soap, abrasive cleaners
or self-polishing waxes. All of these items can damage the factory-applied protective finish.


* Immediately dry surfaces where water may have spilled using a clean cloth.


* Never hang damp towels over cabinetry to dry. Excessive moisture will cause the wood to expand and damage the finish.


Please email us with any other specific questions concerning the care and maintenance of your cabinetry.  We’ll do our best to help.

You can have great spice storage

One of the top requests I get when planning a new kitchen is spice storage that is hidden and easy to get to. Filling this request comes in many flavors and requires thought on what works best for you and your space.


Most wanted is a pull-out built into a cabinet. There are 4 different options and they can be the most expensive solution for storage.


Op1A base cabinet works if it’s convenient to the main cooking area. It can be placed right next to a cooktop but not a range. (The heat from the oven will shorten the life of spices and oils.)  The top shelf is the easiest to reach. The bottom two will require bending or squatting.


2 A wall cabinet that sits on the counter allows you easy access to all shelves, but this style doesn’t work with all designs and uses counter space.


3In a regular wall cabinet the first two shelves are accessible but the uppers aren’t reached without a stool.


Tall A pantry pull-out is also useful because you can place many spices on one shelf (see top shelf) but this cabinet often can’t be placed near the cooking zone and may cause spices to get lost because of all the space.


Second most requested is drawer storage as it can be located conveniently next to the cooking zone.


DrawerThis style is great because it allows you to see the labels and is definitely accessible but bottle selection can be limited to certain sizes.


Drawer2This looks fantastic and is easy to access. But you have to know your spices or label the lids which will block the view of the beautiful colors.


WallThe wider door organizer makes this wall cabinet super functional. It allows for spices to be seen easily on the door, the shelves inside are shallow and adjustable, and it is great for taller oils and vinegars. The shallow depth of the shelves prevents items from getting lost in the back.



My mom found these two options when I was growing up and still uses them to this day. They are simple and accessible.


Spices are a necessity in a kitchen and the flavors of storage are just as varied as spices themselves. These are not all the options available but I have found them the most popular over the years and they have the best reviews from past clients.